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Playful English learning for kids age 2-5

Pre-school English language learning, powered by science

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Fun & Learning

The Club Lingumi app contains hundreds of playful learning activities that introduce your child to English. Children can play one new lesson of 10-15 minutes each day, and you'll be amazed how much they've learned, even after two weeks.

"As a mother of a toddler, I was sceptical at first - but we are totally delighted!"

Maria, from Düsseldorf

Driven by Research

The Lingumi App & Our Method are based on a combination of practical English teaching experience, and research from academics and experts from top universities, like Oxford. Lingumi is designed in London by teachers, linguists, and visual artists.

"My English isn't so good, but it's amazing how fast they've learned, and they're having a lot of fun"

Julia, from Berlin

Compatible with your smartphone or tablet

The Club Lingumi app is compatible with thousands of iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Play it on your device today, and synchronise progress between several devices whenever you want.

Begin learning at the best age

Children between 2 and 6 are in a 'magic window' when learning a second language happens in a natural way, just like the way they learn their mother tongue. You'll be amazed how their language develops with Lingumi, in just a few weeks.

Developing the brain at the right time

Multiple studies have shown the amazing benefits of language learning for children's brains: from increasing concentration, to improving problem solving. Learn a new language or develop their mother tongue with Lingumi.

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Months of content - and growing all the time.

With 100+ lessons in the Club Lingumi app, and more being added every month, there's over a year of curriculum already included in your child's membership - so they'll never run out of fun learning content, and will continue to develop and expand their amazing ability in English with every week's new lessons.

Lingumi in Action

Stefanie is 5 years old. After using Lingumi for a few months, she's already learned so many words, and has a beautiful English accent!
At 3 years old, Stefan amazed us with how well he could understand and answer questions after playing the first stage of the Club Lingumi app.
Paolo is 3 years old, and his mother tongue is Italian. Watch the video to see how much he learned in 8 weeks of playing and learning with Lingumi

Not just an app...

Lingumi is not only an app - we also make physical products to support your child's learning. Head to our shop to read more about our amazing physical products.
Lingumi Play Cubes
Our 'English teacher in a box', for use in partnership with our app, Club Lingumi. Click below to learn more about the toy described as the 'best learning toy of the year' for pre-schoolers.
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Lingumi Jumbo Word Cards
70+ nouns and verbs from the Lingumi Curriculum, on jumbo-sized, colourful learning cards. Play games and activate your child's vocabulary with these large, thick learning cards.
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Why should my child begin English in the early-years?

"Children between two and five years old are in the so-called 'critical period', a magic window when their brains can 'absorb' languages in the same way as their mother tongue..."
"In their earliest years, children who learn a second language have an increased attention span, are better problem solves, and even have overall higher language development in later childhood..."
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